Building a Brighter, Kinder Society
Where people feel more empowered to achieve the life they want to live
Making Healthy, Nutritious Food Accessible to All
Bringing back power to small farmers who feel passionately about the land and the environment
Creating Better Births
“This planet could be healed in one generation by healing birth” – Elena Tonneti.
Changing Our Views on Death
From pre-birth to post-death everything needs a shake up.
Community at its Core
Where people are working together in community - in harmony with themselves and with nature.
And The Real Beauty of This Vision?
The Power Is In Our Own Hands

Hello and Welcome,

Joinavision is a non-political group with a vision for a brighter, kinder, more unified world than the one we currently live in.
This can be done by re-assessing every aspect of our lives from pre-birth to post-death.
Empowering everyone to see they are truly masters of their own destiny.
Stefan freedman

Healing Trauma Through Dance

I recently got to speak to the very lovely and super talented Stefan Freedman. Stefan is an incredible musician, song-writer, author, dancer and more recently

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Foraging Friday - Burdock

Foraging Friday – Burdock

It’s Foraging Friday and this week’s plant is Burdock which velcro emanates from! Habitat: waste ground,  hedgerows, wood edges, river edges. Parts used: Leaves, roots,

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The PFFA community Joinavision

Sam From the PFFA

This week on our show at I spoke to Sam Culver from the PFFA. Her journey from deputy head to heading up the PFFA

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